Veronika Magyeri

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Dearest Stephanie & all the lovely ladies in the salon,

“First of all an enormous THANK YOU all for making me the most beautiful dress to wear on the most special and happiest day of my life. My dress was just stunning and felt so comfortable for the whole 14 hours I spent in it. :) Everyone loved it and it went perfectly with the venue, ceremony and the party too. Ian was totally shocked because he expected a completely different dress. You should have seen his little face when he first saw me. :) He was speechless and loved the look! :D
Oh, Stephanie the jacket was also a huuuge success, everyone commented on it. The weather was glorious and the jacket was so perfect and smart. :)
My nieces were already keen to make future bookings for my fabulous dress.
I have to say that since wearing your dress Stephanie I just find my jeans and normal clothes pretty boring. :) I am already looking forward to a big anniversary that I can mark with another dress of yours. ;) “