When your christening gown is a mini version of your wedding dress….

We are always so happy to see our past brides and love having a catch up and good old look at their wedding albums.  We also love nothing better than when they come back, sometimes years later or sometimes just 9 months (!!!) later with their little babies, so you can imagine our excitment when 6 years after getting married, we had a phone call from a past bride asking for help….

Sarah Dalton got married in a breathtakingly beautiful French ceremony 6 years ago and had one of our all time favourite dresses from our Newton Road, Mumbles boutique.   Sarah looked incredible in Bella and her photos have been talked about amongst us and visitors to our website ever since.  New Zealander Sarah lives in Dubai and travelled to Mumbles for each fitting, but she didn’t mind as she had a special affiliation with the village as Swansea is her husbands hometown.

So when we received a phonecall one Monday morning from Sarah to say she was in Mumbles and was getting her little girl Holly christened that weekend and couldn’t find a christening dress for her, we were only too happy to help!

We created a beautiful one off christening gown that encapsulated the true elegance of Sarah’s ‘Bella’ wedding dress.  Sarah wanted a traditional style christening gown so we used a fine Italian lace to create the body of the tiny dress which made it more comfortable for Holly who is only 10 weeks old.  We added dainty lace sleees and a delicate beaded trim but there was no way we could resist the opportunity to add even more sentiment to the dress by including a piece of the incredible ‘Bella’ ruffled lace we still had to emulate Sarah’s wedding dress.


And here is beautiful Holly wearing what will now become a family heirloom!  She looked absolutely adorable – just like her big brother Lochie!




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