Katherine & Chris Davis

Kate-Chris-Wedding-   Stephanie Allin

Kate-Chris-Wedding   Stephanie Allin

Kate  Chris Real Bride  Stephanie Allin

Kate-Chris-Wedding- Stephanie Allin

Kate-Chris-Wedding-Stephanie Allin

Kate-Chris-Wedding Stephanie Allin

I cannot begin to thank you enough for creating my timeless one of a kind Stephanie Allin dress. I loved every moment spent at Chiltern Street. You all have the patience of saints and it was wonderful to have the opportunity to work so closely with you; combining so many of your wonderful designs! You took all of my hopes and desires and created my dream.

I was so proud to wear what my husband now refers to as my ‘Katy’ dress on our big day. I have never worn anything so perfect or so me; to say I felt like a princess would be an understatement!

Thank you again for making our day so magical!

Kate Davis