How far in advance should I start my dress search?

In order to ensure you’re not rushed with your decision-making, we recommend that you begin dress shopping 9-12 months in advance of your wedding date, purchasing 8-10 months in advance and enjoying the luxury of time left for all the other things required with planning a wedding!

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, we are by appointment only which are for brides who are on the serious search and ready to purchase their made-to-order gown. We ask that you have an initial idea of what it is you are looking for and also what you would like to spend so our stylists can help you find The One.

How long will my appointment be?

Our fittings are scheduled for one hour, but rest assured that if we run over, we will happily schedule another appointment with you to make sure you’re taken care of. Weekdays are more flexible and of course Saturdays tend to be a lot more busy to a schedule is kept to.

What is the price range of your gowns?

Our made-to-order gowns range from £2400-£4500 for a ‘standard size’ and £2900-£5800 for Made-to-Measure. Of course, if you prefer a ‘bespoke’ gown then prices will start from £4900 upwards. [Inclusive of VAT]

What size are the shop samples to try on?

Our dress samples range from size 10-14, but please note that your custom gown can be ordered up to any size. If your sizing is outside the range mentioned above, we have creative ways of making sure you can experience the look of your desired dress. We have future plans of carrying larger sample sizes to accommodate even more brides.

What does “made-to-order” and “made-to-measure” mean?

Made-to-Order means that there is no stock of your gown and the making of the gown begins once you place your order. The dress will be made in the closest dress size to you for small alterations to follow.

A Made-to-Measure gown is created from your full measurements and will take 4 dress fittings. This is most helpful if you’ve struggled with regular ‘standard sizes’ in the past.

Do you offer custom gowns?

As we are a couture brand and all orders are made by hand in the UK we are able to raise or lower a neckline, add extra length or train or even change the fabric and colour. We can also offer the ‘bespoke’ service.

How many people can i bring to my appointment?

We really believe that your fitting should be as intimate as possible. We want the focus to stay on you and what style and feeling YOU want to exude on your wedding day. We’ve found that sometimes too many opinions end up overwhelming the bride’s decision, and we don’t wish stressful shopping upon any of our brides. For your sake, we advise bringing no more than 3 which helps us to comfortably accommodate everyone in our boutique.

Do I need to bring anything to my appointment?

We do have shoes available but welcome you to bring you’re a pair of your favourites to complete the look and of course, good underwear on the day and little make-up if possible!

What is the start-to-finish process of purchasing a dress from Stephanie Allin?

Your first appointment will include a tailored, one-hour dress up session with one of our stylists, where you will try on between 5-7 looks. If a purchase is made, we’ll take your measurements and 50% deposit.

Your fittings will start 3-4 months prior to your wedding date and, depending on the service you opt for you will be collecting your dress 3 weeks before your Big Day!

How long will it take for my made-to-order gown to arrive?

We suggest 4 months with then 2-3 months of fittings.

Do you offer/include alterations?

For a Made-to-Measure or Bespoke order you will have in-house fittings which are included in the price.

Cancellation policy

All orders are all final sale. Once a made-to-order gown is paid for, you are in a contractual agreement to follow through with the gown chosen. We do not refund or exchange.

Complaints policy

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